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Aquam Pipe Diagnostics - Water Pipeline Assesement and Leak Systems

Aquam Pipe Diagnostics provide a suite of comprehensive pipeline assessment and management solutions, enabling utilities to address some of their most complex challenges associated with an old and aging infrastructure.

Aquam Pipe Diagnostics - Internal live pipe assessment and leak detection

Feature Overview:

  • Tethered and free flowing Sensor technologies that can be inserted into live pressurized water mains or sewer force mains for assessment.
  • Cameras to visually inspect pipes from the inside for corrosion, tuberculation, flaw, breaks, joints, alignment, and valve condition.
  • Hydrophones to detect leaks and locate them from inside the pipe, where typical acoustic and correlator access is not available or too distant.
  • Locating sondes to accurately locate non-metallic pipe locations and depths including bends and deflections for more accurate GIS mapping.
  • Ultrasonic┬ásensors to detect pipe wall thickness, corrosion, and flaws

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