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1-1/2" Lead-free Brass Oval x Male NPT 2-bolt Water Meter Flange For 1.5" Water Meter

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  • $39.00


1-1/2" Brass Water Meter Flange


Elliptical 2 bolt with MALE NPT thread

  •  Lead-free* brass water meter flange
  • Two bolt elliptical/Oval shape
  • 1-1/2" MALE NPT threading.
  • Bolt holes are 4" on center
  • One Brass flange only. See our separate listings for gaskets, or flange sets with bolts & nuts
  • Compliant with NSF-61G/NSF-372 Lead-free specs for use in all US States

*Lead-free Compliance - Please note that the USA Safe Water Drinking Act was revised as of January 4, 2014 reducing the legally allowable amount of lead content for plumbing items used for drinking water or other human consumption in all US States. This item meets all requirements and conforms to NSF-61G requirements as "lead-free". It is now illegal to use the older leaded brass and your local inspectors may reject those items or you may be be subject to legal liability. Lead-free products should normally be clearly marked as "lead-free", "No-lead", "NL", or "NSF-61G" if compliant. CAUTION: Some foreign or individual sellers may still be unknowingly selling or liquidating non-compliant products without this disclosure. This message is to help USA buyers with their due diligence in buying approved products.



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