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Aquam AMPlus - Water Main Pipe ROV Crawler

Aquam Pipe Diagnostics

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The Amplus is the most advanced ROV crawler system on the market for condition assessment on potable water pipes..

The Amplus™ is the most advanced ROV crawler system on the market for pressurized water applications and high resolution condition assessment inspections. The system is a long distance crawler incorporating ultrasonic scanning technology for high resolution condition assessment inspections. The system uses a 3280 ft buoyant umbilical to transmit and receive commands, collect data, and maximize operator control. The umbilical processes data via a control station utilizing our patented Amplus™ software. HD CCTV, hi resolution ultrasonic scanning technology and an acoustic sensor, coupled with LED lights on the front and the rear of the rover, offer a comprehensive analysis of the condition of pressurized pipelines. The data output provides real time visual footage, accurate leak detection on all pipe materials and diameters, pipe wall thickness measurements, and precise remaining life expectancy calculations.

The Amplus™ is deployed through access points as small as 4″ and can enter a live pipeline through most existing pressurized fittings causing no disruption to service. Inspections using the Amplus™ technology are achievable on pipes of diameters ranging from 8″ to 24″ and the system does not require flow to traverse the pipe. Assessments can be conducted both upstream and downstream of the insertion point allowing for greater inspection coverage (6,560ft) in one single deployment.


  • Comprehensive Condition Assessment Data
  • Wall thickness measurements
  • Data provided for life expectancy calculations
  • HD camera system (forward and reversing) for live visual inspection footage
  • 6,560 ft assessment capability in one deployment
  • Accurate acoustic leak detection
  • Pressurized Insertion
  • No flow requirements, suitable for upstream and downstream service
  • Fully programmable using patented Amplus™ software
  • IP67 touchscreen computer

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