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Automatic Water Salesman - Bulk Water Vending for Public Water Utilities

Vernon Manufacturing

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Automatic Water Salesman

  • Bulk Water Vending for Water Utilities
  • Water Hauler Coin-op fill stations
  • Coin-op, Currency,Credit/Debit Cards, Pre-load cards, or Key Controlled 

Bulk Water Vending for Public Utilities - Sell Water to Water Haulers

We marketing bulk water vending stations from Vernon Manufacturing. Automate your bulk water sales to water haulers to serve them 24/7. We offer both free standing vending controls as well as wall flush mounted. Let us help you design or upgrade your current vending operation for self-serve efficiency, water safety, and monetary control. With timers and valves, you determine how much water the bulk buyer gets for what type of payment before the machine auto shuts off. Control and account for your water sales.

The standard valve size is 2", but it is also available in 1/2", 1", 3" and 4". A Choice switch with dual size, timer, and controls is available as well if you have both large customers with water hauling trucks wanting fills, but also need smaller flow for residential type containers or water tanks.

For cold environments, we have a vending box heater option for freestanding units subject to weather conditions, and an automatic drain option to prevent riser pipe freezing.

Vending Box Payment Options:

  • Coins (Quarters) or Tokens
  • Currency (Dollars bills)
  • Credit and Debit Cards
  • Prepaid Card (Utility loaded like a gift card)
  • Owner Key switch override option
  • Keytrol (up to 250 key controlled totalizers for billing usage)


Wall Flush Mount Water Vendor
Outdoor Water Salesman Vending Controls Credit/Debit Card Readers and Programmers
Streetside Water Vending Controls  Keytrol - Key controlled vending for utility billing
Street-side Freestanding Vending Box Keytrol box with Keys and totalizers

Vending Box Mounts:

  • Flush in-wall mount box
  • Streetside Bulk Water Vending Box for post mount

Flush Wall mount water vending box
Wall Mount Water Vending Controls
Coin and Currency as shown

Swing Arms and Swivels

  • Straight
  • 1, 2, or 3 planes of rotation
  • Torsion Spring Arms
  • Swivel Arm Fittings

Swing arm swivel ControlsTortion Spring for swing arms
Other Options:

  • Backflow Preventers
  • Cross Connection Devices
  • Control Valves

Cross Connection Air Gap Control
Cross Connection Control

Bulk Water Sales Backflow Preventers

Backflow Control


Call us to discuss details for pricing quotes, or bids. Pricing is done on an individual project basis, customized to your needs. Contact us at 513-488-1940 or by email at

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