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BadgerTouch Inductive Reading Pad - Wall mount for Badger Encoded Output


  • $6.95

Badger Water Meter - BadgerTouch Read Pad only
Plastic Wall mount Touch pad
works with ADE or HRE Encoder output
  • Black Plastic Wall Mount Touchpad remote receptacle
  • 2 Screw Terminal coil attachments on underside
  • Has two holes for mounting screws (screws not included)
  • Mounts on wall or post
  • Attaches to Encoded output water meter register
  • Add-on to Badger or other meters for inductive Touch Pad Meter Reading
  • Interchangeable replacement for Sensus Touch Read wall pads and Neptune wall mount touch receptacles.
OPTIONS/Add-ons Available separately in our eBay store:
  • Badger Water Meters with ADE or HRE Encoder

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