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Gil Hidden 2" flushing Hydrant

Gil Industries

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This hydrant can be used for water main flushing as well as an access point for hydrophone based leak detection and acoustic pipe locating for non-metallic pipe.

This Hidden Hydrant can be installed in a large valve box or meter box completely underground for protection from freezing, traffic, or tampering.

Flushing - You may not need or want expensive fire hydrants on your system to maintain and used only for flushing. These 2" hydrants will give you better flushing capability  at lower cost to purchase and maintain. The hidden hydrant can also be installed out of sight in a valve box or meter box.

Leak Detection - If you have PVC or other plastic pipe, your leak detection capability for acoustic detection of leak sound is limited to about 200' on the pipe wall from valves, hydrants  and even less on the ground above the pipe. Adding these hydrants to a system without fire hydrants increases your ability to detect leaks up to 2000' by using hydrophones on the flushing hydrant nozzle. Increase your leak detection capability by a factor of 10!

Acoustic Pipe Locating - A flushing hydrant can also give you access to an acoustic device to allow locating of non-metallic pipe with an acoustic sound generator and acoustic leak locator. The Combiphon Stopper can be installed on the flushing hydrant to make a detectable sound on the pipe for accurate 811 marking.

Available in these depths: 2,6",3'0", 3'6", 4'0", 4'6", 5'0", 5'6", 6'0", 7'0", 8'0"

Available with "Slimline" straight or angled nozzle

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