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Kamstrup FlowIQ 3101 Ultrasonic Flanged Water Meter, 1-1/2" US Gallon, Stainless Steel body


  • $895.00

Kamstrup FlowIQ 3101
Ultrasonic Water Meter 
  • Solid state - no moving parts 
  • LCD digital readout 
  • 1-1/2" size 
  • Standard 13" lay length  Flanged Ends
  • US Gallon Registration 
  • Stainless Steel NSF-61 Lead-free body 
  • Can be installed horizontal or vertical 
  • Normal Flow range  0.4 to 120 GPM  
    • Low Flow recording starts at  0.06 GPM!
    • High accuracy at all flow rates.
    • Very High accuracy at low flow rates not possible with a mechanical meter.
  • 20 year battery life. 
  • Kamstrup AMR/AMI Radio Read capability with Kamstrup USB Reader or Kamstrup READy AMR system.
  • Also available with AMR/AMI Encoded output option

More Information:

Ships UPS ground only per DOT regulations.

TERRITORY NOTE: This item is not available for purchase online. We can only supply Kamstrup products for shipment to Ohio or Kentucky. Please call for quantity pricing, variants, accessories, demonstrations, or AMR/AMI quotations.

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