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Pocket Size Valve box Lid Lifting handle

Utility Technologies

  • $14.95

Strong magnetic lifting handle for lifting valve box, or curb box lids. Can also be used for retrieving metal objects drop in the grass or dirt when working outside around hydrants or valves. Pocket size tool fits just about anywhere.

Lifts Valve box lids out of the hole much easier than prying with two screwdrivers or picking with fingers in the holes.

  • Rubberized Hard Polymer Handle
  • 100 lb pickup magnet (1)
  • 2 protective magnetic shield plates for storage

Can also be used on a vertical metal surface as a hook for hanging objects like rope or extension cords.

(1) Magnet rated at 100 lb pull on flat clean steel. Pull strength on raised lettered tops or rusty surfaces will be less. Easily lifts a loos lid out of the valve box top. May need loosening with a hammer or other device first.

Also see our 24" T-handle magnetic lid lifers with 249 and 400 lb lift ratings.


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