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Topcon Positioning Systems eGIS Software


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eGIS Software Interface

  • Fully integrate GNSS functions using Topcon mobilemapping handheld devices
  • Capture, edit, analyze, and display geographic information
  • Compatible with ArcPad vector/raster map display
  • Quality control of real-time GNSS derived positioning
  • Professional camera integration
  • eGISSync automatically carries out data transfer
  • eViewer desktop companion software
  • For Window Mobile or Android Devices


With an ever-increasing reliance on location based information, organizations are turning to mobile GIS solutions, and Topcon is ready to provide you the best software solution available with our eGIS mapping software.

Geographical Data Management

For applications such as utilities, disaster management, water and sewage plant operations, forestry, highway maintenance, or asset management, eGIS is all you need to capture data at any GNSS level, whether autonomous, DGPS, or centimetric RTK level. Running on the Topcon Tesla, GRS-1, FC-25A or FC-236 controllers, this Windows® Mobile  or Android based software solution has been designed from the ground up to be as easy and intuitive to use as possible. Create and use all your familiar mapping features. Points, polygons, attributes and layers are available as standard in eGIS.

Choose the way you work

With a customizable interface to suit the way that you and your teams work, eGIS has been developed to allow you to concentrate on collecting the data as quickly and smoothly as possible… no programming skills or additional software needed! eGIS interfaces directly with the internal GNSS receiver (using the internal or external pole based antenna) and the internal digital camera. Therefore the photos and geographical location and orientation are stored in the EXIF header information.

You can also interface to external devices such as Bluetooth® enabled external cell phones to get NTRIP corrections (if the GRS-1 has no internal modem); the Beacon Receiver BR-1 to receive Beacon corrections or the TruPulse 360B laser range finder to make easy use of the embedded offset functions and construction tools.

Exchange of Information

Data transfer to the PC couldn’t be easier using our eGISSync utility. This tool automatically carries out the transfer of field data to and from your handheld device and ensures you always have the latest software version. With 100% compatibility with ArcPad vector and raster maps, there are no  conversions required to use the data in Geographical Information Systems. If viewing of data is required prior to submission, use our eViewer desktop program to quickly and easily access your maps. You can also view your data on a backdrop of your favorite web mapping system such as Google Maps, Google Earth, Bing Maps, or Microsoft MapPoint. In addition, eViewer includes tools to
create and customize forms and toolbars.


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