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Topcon Positioning Systems eGPS Software


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eGPS Software Interface

Configurable NMEA output stream
• High Accuracy RTK Configurable
• Ability to Utilize Network Corrections
• Interface with any Topcon Controller
• Simple and Easy to Use


Topcon’s eGPS controller software is the solution you need to run third party GIS software packages on Topcon’s extensive range of field controllers without worrying about interface issues. eGPS acts as the interface link between the field controller and / or GNSS device hardware and your productivity software. By establishing this connection and seamlessly streaming NMEA positional string data from the GNSS unit to your software, you no longer have to worry about expensive development costs to adapt your software to interact with Topcon hardware.

Windows® Mobile  or Android Devices

Simply install eGPS on your Topcon Windows® Mobile based field controller  or Android tablet and get going! Depending upon the modules you select, you can instantly start receiving data in your data
collection package. For instance, you can install eGPS Basic on your GRS-1 handheld GNSS device
and configure it to output NMEA position information from the internal GNSS receiver to ArcPad, then go outside and start mapping right away. Similarly for our FC-236, eGPS will interface with all of our handheld controllers, no matter which GNSS chip is used.


It’s just as simple to configure eGPS to interface to either the GRS-1 in RTK mode with an external PG-A1 antenna, or any of our all-in-one receiver units. The cellular modem found in many of the high-end devices allows for much more accurate measurements to be taken. By configuring eGPS to interface to an external receiver, while simultaneously connecting to a network correction service like our TopNET+ solution, you can capture Network RTK data at centimeter level with ease.

System Requirements


Any of our Windows® Mobile based field controllers, ranging from the FC-25A to the new Topcon Tesla. The greater the number of controller’s features, the more the eGPS can offer. For example, using eGPS on the Topcon Tesla with a HiPer II GNSS receiver or a GRS-1 means that the receiver’s cellular modem can be used to receive NTRIP network corrections at RTK level.

Intuitive Solution

The real advantage is that you can continue to use your mapping software without having to  system, or how the data is being collected. Because no additional features are being added to your mapping software, there’s no learning curve and support requirements are virtually zero!

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