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H2Ohio Public Water System Equipment Grant Eligible Items

The Ohio EPA has a grant application open for up to $10,000 in equipment in the following categories. We handle most of these items and have collected them here for you. We can provide you written individualized quotes on request, or you may print the equipment pages for reference of current prices. We also offer free training and delivery within Ohio for all of the equipment.

UPDATE 5/16/2023:

I have been informed that the grant notifications will be made to those that applied this week whether they get awarded or not. It appears there were significantly more applications than funds available in this grant ($1,000,000), so not all will be approved. I asked about rumors of additional funds or a second round and was informed there are no more funds available now, and any new grants would likely be in Fiscal 2024 which starts July 1, 2023. If a new grant comes out, it will most likely require new applications.

Ohio EPA Grant Approved Items

Equipment listed below are all eligible for the grant!

If you need more info, demonstrations, or quotes, please contact us at 513-488-1940 or

More details:

Who is Eligible?

Ohio community public water systems are eligible to apply. 

Eligible Equipment

  • Valve & Hydrant exercising equipment (& Kerf Cutter valve box repair kit)
  • Amplified Listening Devices to detect leaks in the distribution system;
  • Pressure loggers;
  • Clamp-on flow meters to check accuracy of meters;
  • Metal pipe locators; (and Locating equipment for plastic & non-metallic pipe)
  • Training on the use of the above equipment
    (we offer free training on all electronic equipment)

Other equipment may be requested and will be considered on a case-by-case basis. 

Grant Application and Guidelines 

Applications will be accepted starting on December 20, 2022 and will remain open until 5:00 PM on January 25, 2023. A written award or denial determination will be issued by Ohio EPA within 90 days from the close of the application.

Grant Application Link


1. OEPA has specifically approved the Kerf Cutter valve box repair kit as a valve maintenance tool under this grant.

2. OEPA has confirmed locating equipment for non-metallic/plastic pipe is also approved, as well as metal detectors and magnetic locators for finding curb and valve boxes and meter box covers.

3. You can purchase equipment greater than the $10k grant limit and get the maximum $10k reimbursement and cover the balance with your own budget (example, buying a $12k leak correlator and using the grant for $10k of of the cost.