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Water Meter Idler/Spacer Bar for 1-1/2 and 2" Flange End Water Meters

Utility Technologies

  • $119.00

Flanged Water Meter Idler/Spacer Bundled With Accessories

This is a flow-through spacer or meter idler as a replacement or for spacing an AWWA standard 1-1/2" or 2" flanged displacement, multi-jet type, or Ultrasonic water meter of the dimensions shown below. It can be used to correctly space when pluming and the meter is not yet available, or as a temporary filler when taken out for repair. Note that turbine or compound meters may have different lay lengths, so check with your utility or measure your meter to be sure of the correct length.

Includes 2 drop-in flange gaskets, Includes 4 zinc coated bolts and nuts Painted brass/gold color Light weight - only 7 pounds. Easier that using actual meter to install. Flow through can be used as temporary bypass when a meter is removed for repair or testing, or not yet available Can be used for flat rate billing when plumbing for future metering.


Specification 1-1/2" Meter Idler/Spacer 2" Meter Idler/Spacer
Total Lay Length 13" 17"
Flange Type 2 Bolt Elliptical (Oval) 2 Bolt Elliptical (Oval)
Flange Size 1-1/2" Flange 2" Flange
Flange Material Cast Iron Cast Iron
Pipe Material PVC PVC
Nuts/bolts/Material 4 Zinc Coated 4 Zinc Coated
Gaskets 2 - 1.5"  Drop-in 2 - 2" Drop-in



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